Isabella Peatfield Fund
Isabella Peatfield Fund
Isabella Peatfield Fund

Isabella’s charity was set up in memory of little Isabella Peatfield from Ashbourne Derbyshire who died in the Boxing Day Tsunami 2004. 


The aftermath of the tsunami was devastating and the children’s charity was busy helping with projects such as re-building homes, providing medical care for poorly children, sponsoring a children’s ward in a hospital close to where Isabella died, building libraries and providing Christmas parties for children in orphanages.


It is now over 9 years since the tsunami....and to tourists and visitors there are few visible signs of the destruction and horror that hit this beautiful country’s southern coast.  But if look closely behind the happy smiles you will often see a different story. Many of the country’s inhabitants struggle to survive on a day to day basis.  Orphanages are over flowing with children left homeless and orphaned, or simply abandoned. Children are falling ill through neglect or lack of money and their parents can’t afford the health care; schools suffer from lack of funding and facilities are poor.  People can’t find work.  Many  homes have no running water or even a toilet.







That’s why we are still helping and will always help the children of Sri Lanka.


Today the Isabella Fund is committed to transforming the lives of children in Sri Lanka through education and play.  Our projects try to give them back their childhood – to make them smile.


We are a children’s charity and children’s thoughts, feelings and hopes matter a great deal to us.  That’s why we install playgrounds in schools and nurseries in the poorest parts of the island, where school is often a haven to the children.  To see the smiles and hear their laughter and feel the buzz of excitement as they race to play is amazing.


We also sponsor individual children; sometimes orphans who need to find homes, sometimes exceptionally bright but poor children who need a hand up out of the poverty trap and in to a brighter future.  Education is key and we are working hard to help as many children as possible have greater opportunities.


To sustain these programmes into the future we need your help.  Please help sponsor a child NOW