​The Isabella Peatfield Memorial Fund works exclusively in Sri Lanka, fighting for a better future for children affected by poverty, bereavement, sickness and war.


We could not carry on without YOUR 

generous support!



How to Donate

It's easy to make a donation.

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  • Click on donate below and make a

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  • Send a cheque to:-


The Isabella Peatfield Memorial Fund

1, The Manor Farm,



Derbyshire DE6 2AB


  • Make a bank transfer to:-


The Royal Bank of Scotland


Account number 10087972


  • Buy some of our wonderful Isabella Elephant Gifts

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      For a regular donation from only £2 a month you can join our Pink Elephant Club and become part of a growing band of people dedicated to changing children's lives for the better.



All members receive our regular newsletter, a lapel pin and a wristband.  

Anyone donating over £15 a month also gets a free Elephant T-shirt.





Isabella Peatfield Fund
Isabella Peatfield Fund
Isabella Peatfield Fund

Where your Money Goes


For every £1 you donate, 4p goes towards admin essentials such as web hosting and insurance.  2p goes on bought-in costs including t-shirts and lapel pins.  


AND EVERYTHING ELSE - yes everything else - goes directly to the children who really need it in Sri Lanka.

Our charity is run by volunteers who generously donate their

time and efforts to making a child smile in Sri Lanka.


We are a small charity and you genuinely can make a difference.