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                                         This new orphanage is

                                         situated in the same 

                                         village where Isabella died -                                            in Tangalle.




We support the children here on a regular basis and have installed one of our Isabella Playgrounds.  


We have donated funds to build a state of the art library and computer centre, sent over books to furnish it and paid for a librarian to look after it.  We also help the Orphaange look after its buildings and infrastructure to make sure that the place is a fit and healthy home for children.


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Sponsoring Children's Education 


This is the latest and most important direction the charity has taken.   Our aim as we go in to the future is to help a child change their stars. Poverty and lack of opportunities mean many children, often girls, do not acheive their potential in Sri Lanka.  All they need is a hand to help them up. That is what we are trying to do. We fund schooling, buy them clothes, shoes, books, even a new home. It costs us about £30 a month to sponsor one child and we want to sponsor many more. In order to carry on doing what we do we need you to help. We just can’t do it without you!


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Isabella Peatfield Memorial Fund
A Rainbow of Happiness

We are delighted to join

forces with a very special nursery called Arc en Ciel -

   that's a Rainbow in French :)  



.The nursery helps look after pre-school children so that their mothers can go out to work to support their families.  Most of the mothers are single mums, whose husbands or boyfriends deserted  them and without any where safe for the children to go to during the day would end up in poverty

Helping poorly children

One of our first

projects was to fund

the Isabella Peatfield

Children's Ward in

Tangalle Hospital.  

We continue to help 

poorly children who 

need operations.


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Nurturing nursery plants



This wonderful project, now going into its second year, came about through a generous donation from a school teacher in Switzerland.  They felt strongly that they wanted their funds to go towards creating a love of nurturing plants.  We provide young children with a plant each and it has been a delight to see the enthusiasm with which they have cared for their plants.


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Home of Hope 

The Home of Hope is a wonderful children's 

home near Kandy, Central Province.  We

have supported the orphanage for many years, 

funding their annual Isabella Christmas Party.






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Isabella Peatfield Memorial Fund

Isabella Playgrounds


We have now funded 16 Isabella Playgrounds in schools and nurseries in some of the poorest areas of Southern Sri Lanka.  To hear the children's laughter and see them take time to have fun have given the charity some of its happiest and proudest moments.











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The Paynter Home

We have recently become involved with this wonderful orphanage situated in Sri Lanka's hill country - which looks and feel just like Scotland - honest!  


The Home looks after 35 boys and

girls of all ages.  It is named after

British misionary Arnold Paynter who

started the orphanage way back in

1924.  It has successfully looked

after hundreds of children all those

years, but is now struggling to

continue. We are hoping we can

raise urgent funds to finish its boy's

medical centre and sponsor the children's education in to the future. 


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