The Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004 killed over 250,000 people.


Isabella Peatfield from Ashbourne in Derbyshire, was one of them.


Isabella, also affectionately known as Bellie, and her family,

were on a dream holiday on the southern tip of the island of Sri Lanka.

Isabella was excitedly getting ready for a long awaited trip to see

the elephants when the waves hit and swept them all out of their

beach villa and into a lagoon where Bellie drowned.


She was only five years old.


Isabella spent just under a week in Sri Lanka on a holiday of a lifetime

before she was swept away to her death, but in those few days

she developed a deep love of the country and felt completely at home.

She loved playing with the gorgeous-looking, giggling Sri Lankan children,

chasing them through beautiful exotic gardens.


It is therefore utterly fitting that after her death Isabella can carry

on running through those Sri Lankan gardens; through the Fund

she can continue to make those children smile again.


Isabella was a lovely, happy, giving child and she would be very proud of what has been done in her name.

What Happened to Isabella?

Isabella Peatfield Memorial Fund