We aim to improve children's lives.  


We fight to further their education and we believe in children being children and having fun.


We stand by our beliefs and we know what Isabella stands for:-


I   Integrity

     We have intregrity in our aims and our beliefs and in everything we do.  


S Sustainability

    We are here for the long term and all of our projects have each and every child's        future in mind.


A  Accountability

   We are deeply committed to being fully transparent in our all our dealings.  You            know where your money is being spent and you are welcome to visit anytime to see        the difference you have made.


B  Belief

    We believe we can make a difference. We believe that there is a better future           for the children that we help.


  Energy and Enthusiasm

   We thrive on the enthusiasm of our supporters and on the energy of our                        volunteers. 



     Everything we do is based on love.  Our love of life; our love for the children of Sri      Lanka; our ever-lasting love for Isabella.


L   Learning

      Education is the foundation for a better life.  Our vision is to improve the life              chances of children through furthering their learning.


A  Ambition

      Not ours but the children we help!  Ambition means seeing a brighter future and           having the opportunities to seize it.


What does Isabella Stand for?

Isabella Peatfield Fund
Isabella Peatfield Fund